iTotal - The Customized Knee Replacement Solution

The innovative iTotal knee replacement system from Conformis, holds several unique advantages over other joint replacement options available on today on the market. Instead of the common approach of finding a device that is a close match to the patient's natural joint and attempting to make it surgically 'fit' the patient, the iTotal takes a completely personalized approach for a true custom fit.

How it Works

Starting with a CT scan to generate a 3D image of the patient's knee, a fully personalized iTotal implant is created. In addition to the implant itself, custom surgical cutting guides for the patient's personalized implant are also created, assisting Dr. Bollinger in making more precise cuts. When cuts are precision, the procedure is less traumatic, the recovery is faster - getting the patient back to life and the activities they enjoy the most.

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Additionally, because the iTotal innovation is so unique, less bone is removed and ligaments and soft tissues are preserved, allowing patients to retain a more natural mechanical joint function and improved range of motion.

In addition to the implant itself, custom surgical tools for the new implant are also created that assist Dr. Bollinger in making the precision cuts that allow for a less traumatic procedure that significantly contributes to a faster recovery time - allowing patients to get back to life and the things they enjoy most.

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