Patient Testimonials

Comments from actual custom hip replacement patients

"I lived with pain for a year before seeing Dr. Bollinger for a second opinion. His honesty, approach and bedside manner made me feel very comfortable. Two hips later, I am looking forward to getting back to golf."
   - Kirk P., Hurst

"My new hip has been fantastic! Dr. Bollinger is very thorough and listens to his patients needs and gives you all the options. My recovery was short and finally it didn't hurt when I walked. Dr. Bollinger is so great, I've referred my friends and family."
   - Debra J., Willow Park

"I've been a dancer and dance teacher for years and had to stop. Going custom is so important because you get the range of motion you need. By early fall, I was back to rehearsals and even in a featured performance."
   - Carol C., Fort Worth

Gary Case & Rich Spence: Bi-lateral UniSyn Hip Recipients
Gary Case & Rich Spence
Bi-lateral UniSyn Hip Recipients
Click here to read their story (PDF)
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