Patient Testimonials

Listen to real stories from real iTotal Knee Replacement Patients.

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Comments from actual custom knee replacements patients

"I am so glad I waited for this new custom option and I am so happy with my new knee. Even my Physical Therapist was in awe at how fast my recovery was going. Thanks, Dr. Bollinger!"
  - Rhonda V., Weatherford

"I'm an avid bike rider and kayaker and very in tune with my body. My knee feels like it did 20 years ago. Dr. Bollinger is a trend setter and I am overwhelmed with the outcome."
  - Gordon R., Saginaw

"Two iTotal knees later, I can't fully express my gratitude to Dr. Bollinger for the difference this has made in my life. The benefits of this procedure in recovery time, pain management, and range of motion, have made for one Conformis totally happy patient. Every day seems better. Thank you Dr. Bollinger for the care you give to your patients. You and your staff are the best!"
  - James W., Fort Worth
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